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Fox fur companies: To stop using real fox fur





            Animals are creatures from God and He would not like us killing His creations. So why do people kill innocent animals such as foxes for their fur? Now that you look at it seeing those dead animals on the side of the road is very a very sad sight to see.


            When I see celebrities in pictures wearing fur coats it makes me upset because some people look up to them and young teenagers want to wear what they are wearing. It sets a very bad example for their fans. Models sometimes model these fur coats on the runway and at fashion shows people can purchase these coats afterward.


Celebrities like P!nk, Khloe Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel support PETA. They don’t wear fur and advocate for anti-fur organizations.


            Please help me by informing people about the cruelty of killing animals for their fur. Instead of wearing real fur people should just wear faux fur. It is cheaper and it doesn’t involve killing helpless animals for their fur.


            Please support us in the fight to help save animals.




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