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Remove Homophobic & Sexist New Girl Episode

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This week the TV Show 'New Girl', viewed by millions, displayed and encouraged homophobia, sexism, and general objectification of women. This episode has 3 main plot lines, the first including Jess (the main character) convincing Nick (her ex) to pretend to be stereo-typically gay to convince a man she is trying to sleep with that there is nothing between them still. This not only places extreme stereo-types on what it means to be a gay man, but when Schmidt (a more feminine male character) is mistaken for being gay it also proceeds to shame enforce the stereotyping of more feminine males as gay. The second story line included Schmidt objectifying his ex-girlfriends breasts as she is deciding to get a breast reduction due to actual back issues. Not only does this justify that it's okay if an ex continues to relentlessly speak about your body parts in graphic ways and continuously show invasive interest, but it also proves to say it's okay (and even charming!!!) for a guy to think of a women’s breasts as separate from their body and brains. As well he even states, "your breasts belong to the world", stating that a women’s body does not belong to herself but instead the men she is going to sleep with. This in and of itself as a plot line threatens to step on the fine line of rape culture- especially when Cece says "no" to Schmidt seeing her breasts, and Schmidt not taking no for an answer until he can see them. No does mean no. The third story line, just as offensive as the others, shows Winston doing handy-work for the "helpless women" next door, stereo-typing a women’s ability to do a males job, and then shows he only is doing it to get them to have sex with him. After the females discover this, they are obviously not comfortable with it, but when Winston and Coach threaten that they will not help the girls out any longer if they do not preform sexual favours on them, they play rock paper scissors to decide who is going to do this unwilling sexual favour on a man they do not even know well (as stated previously in the episode) only to have him continue to do this job they are in-capable of doing as women. The worst part of it all is that as a teenage girl I am a massive fan of the show and know first hand how much of an influence it can have on teenagers and society in general. Media is the most powerful outlet of our time, and episodes and messages such as these make it okay for things like rape, objectification of body parts, male femininity shaming, homophobia, stereotyping, and sexism totally acceptable, and even "cool" throughout an entire generation. This episode will not only be viewed on the night of it's airing, but it also will be replayed by millions and its message just growing larger with every view - and that is not okay. If you feel this episode and its message should be removed please sign this petition to tell Fox Broadcasting you do not think this is acceptable. 

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