Shut Down Fox News

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Fox Entertainment has been controversial for a long time. Sometimes leading viewers to violence because of their propaganda and fear mongering. By labeling themselves entertainment they’ve been able to shirk any responsibility of their words even though it’s obvious that their viewers ignore or don’t understand this distinction. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic they’ve directly endangered the lives of their viewership and those around them by influencing those who believe their first and continued statements on it. They’ve spread misinformation, conspiracy theories, had reality tv “doctors” on who make up numbers, called COVID-19 a hoax, and have overall encouraged people not to take this seriously. At the very least Fox should be required to air disclaimers throughout broadcasts stating that their “fair and balanced news” is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered actual news by their viewers as many of them take the networks statements seriously. However, they’ve not taken that step and their continued propping up of willful ignorance and propaganda has become dangerous to the general public as it is now playing a roll in the deaths of thousands of Americans. It’s time for the network to be shut down.