#SaveGotham #RenewGotham #GothamForever

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Hey Gothamite !

Let's sign this petition for more Gotham, 22 episodes for the season 5, more than five season, we want six, seven, eight, nine, ten seasons or more ! We want more Nygmobblepot, more Oswald Cobblepot, Ed Nygma, Jervis Tetch, Barbara Kean, Butch Gilzean, Jeremiah Valeska because every characters need more than 5 seasons. They need more seasons !!!!! We need more Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith, Sean Pertwee and every wonderful actor of this show !!!!

So let's save this wonderful show ! He deserve more than 10 seasons ! He deserve to be the greatest show of this century !!!!! So sign it to push the Fox to renew Gotham for more than 5 seasons !!!!!!

Gotham it's more than a tv show it's a big family of gothamite worlwide ! And wonderful cosplayers who express their love for the show by dressing as their favorite characters !!!!!!!!!!

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