Netflix Reboot of the 2013 SciFi show, Almost Human

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It has been over five years since this amazing show had been unfairly canceled. It had been mistreated by Fox. It's practically obvious they doomed it to fail by giving it a Monday timeslot, which back in 2014, was a deathslot for shows on that network at the time. They aired episodes drastically out-of-order, messing up the pacing and character development. They aired it in November, later in the season than networks usually have new shows come out. September/October is the prime time for new shows. Gave the show 2, 3-week hiatuses, and was aired during the Olympics.

This show deserves a second chance, and while not the first choice of the fans, we would gladly accept a completely new reboot with a new cast.

Please, help fans of this amazing show get the closure and set things right.

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