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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hilarious sitcom created by Michael Schur, the creator of 'The Office' and 'Parks and Recreation' that takes place in a presinct in Brooklyn.

With 2 black men in the highest positions of power, 2 latina detectives and amazing bisexual and gay representation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn't lack diversity. It also doesn't shy away from tackling serious yet important subjects by dedicating entire episodes to them. A couple of examples are the episode titled 'Moo Moo', (which covers racial profiling and racism within the NYPD) and another 2 episodes in Season 5 which follow Rosa Diaz coming out to her friends and family as bisexual. Another amazing thing about this show is that it actively avoids common tropes and stereotypes, something most shows don't make an effort to avoid. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a funny, inclusive, feel good show that isn't afraid to get political, all while remaining wholeheartedly entertaining and hilarious, and it definitely deserves a renewal.