Remove Jenny McCarthy as a Judge on "The Masked Singer"

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To Fox Broadcasting Company,

On behalf of the autistic community, I am asking you to please remove Jenny McCarthy as a judge from your reality singing competition, The Masked Singer. 

Jenny McCarthy is a dangerous figure and should not be promoted anywhere, even on a reality show as fun and harmless as The Masked Singer. Jenny McCarthy has dedicated her life to promoting dangerous pseudoscience that has caused harm and abuse to autistic people including many autistic children, by her false claims that mercury causes autism, and that deadly chelation therapy, used to remove toxins from the body, is a cure for autism. McCarthy is the president and director of her own organization, Generation Rescue, which is a nonprofit organization that spreads misinformation about the false link between mercury and autism and vaccines and autism, specifically the preservatives in Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine and autism. This link has been debunked study after study time and time again, but McCarthy continues to be a loud voice of misinformation, which has caused many concerned parents to stop vaccinating their young children, putting them at serious risk for deadly diseases and illness including measles. The United States is now in the midst of a measles epidemic, and Jenny McCarthy's loud celebrity voice and harmful pseudoscientific rhetoric have contributed significantly to this measles outbreak.  

Jenny McCarthy has also spoken at AutismOne, an annual conference in Chicago, Illinois featuring other harmful figures such as Andrew Wakefield and Kerri Rivera, who have like McCarthy, falsely link vaccines to autism and promote dangerous and even lethal substances as fake autism cures, including supplements, chelation therapy, and Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS bleach.

Although McCarthy has not (yet) spoken about anything having to do with vaccines or autism on the show, because you have chosen to give Jenny McCarthy a platform by having her appear on this show, you are legitimizing her false and harmful views and anti-vaxxer rhetoric. Jenny McCarthy has not only stigmatized autistic people with her views and language, but she has put several autistic people in serious danger with her public views, books, and speeches that spread misinformation to caregivers and parents who due to her rhetoric, decide to not vaccinate their children or put their autistic children through deadly chelation therapy or force them to drink MMS bleach and other fake autism cures.

This petition is addressed to Fox Network as they are the network airing The Masked Singer, but I will not single Fox Network out or solely blame Fox Network for her public appearance, as numerous other television networks have aired talk shows, sitcoms, and other reality shows featuring Jenny McCarthy, including NBC, MTV, Spike, and ABC among others. This being said, millions of people watch The Masked Singer and see McCarthy on the show, increasing the visibility of a harmful figure responsible for the abuse and sickness of unvaccinated children as well as many autistic people who are chelated and treated with fake autism cures. Please, Fox Broadcasting Company, do the right thing and remove Jenny McCarthy as a judge from The Masked Singer and from future public appearances on your network.