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No more Fox Sports!

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I just heard while watching the preseason that you have added Michael Vick to your Fox NFL Kickoff as a commentator.  I don't care how many seasons or for how mean teams he played.  He was instrumental in the torture and death of helpless dogs.  He trained them to be killers and when they didn't perform up to his expectations, he tortured and killed them.  He is a despicable excuse for a human being.  He's a coward. 

I absolutely refuse to support any organization that supports Michael Vick.  Henceforth I will no longer watch Fox NFL Kickoff.  I take that back, I actually WILL watch it for a couple weeks and make notes of who advertises on your show.  I will advise them that because of your actions, they will no longer have my business.  I refuse to have anything to do with any company that subsidizes a dog killer.

Fire Michael Vick!  Now.  


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