No More Bryan Singer on FOX

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If you've ever watched ''Open Secret'' (a small film about famous directors who are also rapists and pedophiles, that by the way are still free and still get to work and get loads of money and their victims) if you haven't watched Open Secret, i highly recommend it, psst. most of your favorite directors are in the list. Anyways, the one that got stock in my head after almost one year later is, of course, Bryan Singer. He's made so many sucessful movies like, X-Men, Superman, Brodway 4D, etc, the victims keep steping out after a whole decade and he's not ony far from jail, but he also keeps making lots of movies for FOX. 

What i want, is of course, for him to get fired, i have to constantly quit watching many movies and tv shows because when i go to see who's the brilliant mind behind it, it's always him and i want to throw up every time. I've realised that,he may never get fired, and the victims will be forgotten and he will keep getting richer and richer, but at least with this petition, i can bring awareness to people, to at least stop going to the movies to watch the stuff he directs and produces. The media is powerful, with lots of attention we can make FOX have no other chance but to fire him. I believe in us, and our voices. 

(This is just me, doing what i can to make things right for the victims, most of them are still hurting years after being raped/sexually abused. Every time i see him, hear of him or his success, i get sad for the victims and then i grow angry and he's never gotten near me, imagine what they are going through. ) 

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