Tales of the Slayers - A TV Series by Joss Whedon

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So, the news broke: just like every now and then, there is new talks to reboot Buffy. 

But the beloved Buffyverse doesn't need a reboot: it needs a new canon spin-off

The Buffyverse is an incredibly rich source of material, and after Angel another spin-off has been a matter of interest in the past: Ripper, Faith the Vampire Slayer, Spike, Fray, Slayer School... But, sadly, none have seen the light of the day! 

In the series, Buffy is the latest slayer who've been trained, but the stories of former and future slayers have been told in "The Tales of The Slayers" comic book series. And a live adaptation of some of these stories would SLAY !


  1.  "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" TV Series wouldn't get impacted: this wouldn't be an actual Season 8 and would mainly take place in the past / far future
  2. Unlimited range of possibilities ("Fray" adaptation, Nikki Woods backstory, new stories with unknown Slayers, episodes based on Faith...)
  3. The Buffyverse as we know it wouldn't be tarnished by a cheap reboot of the series
  4. If some fans don't like the spin-off, fine: they would ignore it! Like some fans ignore "Angel" !!!
  5. Most of them would be prefer this over anything else
  6. Joss Whedon and the original crew would (probably) prefer this too
  7. FOX would definitely get better support for this than a non-canon reboot who would definitely flop 
  8. The demand is here: the cult following the show is more active than ever !
  9. Some of the original characters could cameo through visions or flashbacks (like The Master, Dark Willow in "Fray", Buffy Summers of Faith Lehane in the vision of other slayers...)
  10. Because we can't get enough of The Slaying World of J. H. Whedon

I will leave this here: a new spin-off series is the solution to please EVE-RY-ONE !

Please Mr Whedon, please Mr Newman, make it happen!

Thank you for your time,

A dedicated Slayerette !