FOX & Warner Brothers: Re-hire Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs on Lethal Weapon Season 3

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We make this petition out to: FOX Broadcasting, Warner Brothers Studios, and the producers of Lethal Weapon, namely Matt Miller, Dan Lin, Jennifer Gwartz, Joseph McGinty Nichol (McG), and Kelly Van Horn.

We are petitioning the aforementioned companies and individuals to reverse their decision to fire Clayne Crawford from Lethal Weapon, and renegotiate a contract with Crawford to allow him to continue to portray the role of Martin Riggs for a third season of Lethal Weapon.

We believe that Lethal Weapon is an excellent, highly rated TV show that warrants a third season. The ratings were consistently high for all of Season 2, and it was widely expected that Lethal Weapon would receive a renewal.

We are adamant that Lethal Weapon should be renewed for Season 3 with Clayne Crawford in the role of Martin Riggs. Crawford personifies the role of Riggs in the TV series and we do not wish to see Riggs portrayed by another actor.  Continuing the show without Crawford would be committing a disservice to the thousands and thousands of fans of the series who fell in love with Crawford's portrayal of the iconic Martin Riggs character. To be clear, we do NOT want Season 3 without Clayne Crawford. In addition, we feel it would be grossly unfair to leave all of the other actors and crew without a job as a result of incidents that had been settled and taken care of.

On or about 24 April 2018, reports had started circulating the Clayne Crawford had been reprimanded for bad behaviour on-set. Reports further suggested that the producers were considering canceling the series as a result of this alleged bad behaviour.

In response to the reports, Clayne Crawford posted an apology and explanation on his Instagram account. He explained that he had been reprimanded twice. The first incident occured when he got angry over what he perceived to be unsafe working conditions that he did not feel were conducive to good work. The director got mad at Crawford for this, and Crawford was ordered to apologize, undergo therapy, and even share a large portion of his salary with one of the parties involved. In the second incident occured during an episode he directed, when a piece of shrapnel from an effect hit an actor on set. Crawford acknowledged it was an unfortunate incident despite the safety procedures that were in place, and he assumed responsibility.

On 8 May 2018, it was reported by various media outlets that Clayne Crawford had been fired from the Lethal Weapon TV series.The producers are also believed to be scrambling for a replacement actor to portray Riggs so they can renew Lethal Weapon for a third season.

The timing and manner of Crawford's firing is particularly egregious and inappropriate. It appears as though Crawford had heard of the firing through the media and BEFORE hearing it from the studios, based on his tweets (see here and here). As the season finale aired, and shortly after, Crawford retweed several tweets related to his firing including, a tweet that called his firing BS, a tweet from Christian Kane who called the firing unbelievable, and a tweet about how Fox fired Crawford only an hour before the season finale.

On social media, there was heavy speculation that Damon Wayans (Crawford's co-star who portrays Roger Murtaugh) was leading the charge to fire Crawford from the show. In response, Wayans responded to one of the tweets saying "Not tru".

All of which is respectfully submitted to those who we have directed this petition to.