Cast Anthony DeVito as Tony Alfredo on Bob's Burgers!

Cast Anthony DeVito as Tony Alfredo on Bob's Burgers!

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Started by Anthony DeVito

Since insurrectionist (and actor) Jay Johnston will no longer be voicing the character of Jimmy Pesto on the beloved animated comedy Bob's Burgers, the show should start fresh and bring in an actual Italian American character — we'll call him Tony Alfredo for the sake of argument. In this dream scenario, Tony takes over the pizzeria from Jimmy (who is in jail for trying to overthrow the government) and becomes Bob's new nemesis. Maybe Linda even develops a crush on this charming newcomer! Tony Alfredo can (and really should) be voiced by beloved Italian American actor/comedian Anthony DeVito. America will go nuts, and everybody wins! (Except for Jay Johnston, but he made his choices.)

Anthony's qualifications for the role:

  • He's a very talented SAG-AFTRA actor and comedian
  • He’s definitely not pretending to be Italian American
  • He's never attempted to overthrow the government

By signing this petition, you are sending the following messages:

  • You love the show Bob's Burgers and want it to be on the air for many seasons to come
  • You don't love people who try to overthrow the government
  • You want to give a talented actor the chance of a lifetime to voice a part that he would totally crush!


286 have signed. Let’s get to 500!