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Bring Back Sleepy Hollow!

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This Sleepyhead is begging FOX to un-cancel and renew Sleepy Hollow for a 5th Season!

This show made me a lifelong fan from the moment it aired back in September of 2013. It's one of a kind, a complete outcast to every other show out there and that's what makes it so very special. I'm extremely devastated at the thought this could be the end. Sleepy Hollow will forever and always be my favorite show of all time. The whole essence of it has truly changed my life and one of the most powerful things it has taught me is to never stop fighting for what you believe in...I believe in this show and everyone apart of it with all of my heart and I can promise that I will never stop fighting to revive this special story so it can be told to it's very end. The writers and cast still have SO much more to give to this crazy adventure and many more chapters to write. I wholeheartedly ask Fox Network to please please please give them one more chance – one more season. If not on your network, help get them to get picked up on another one. But respectfully, I have more than enough faith in them to know that with just one more shot, they WILL get Sleepy Hollow to the very top of your network's ratings. To whoever is in charge: My wish is that you will find it in your heart to let them show you just what they can do with one more season. It would mean the absolute world to this fan and I would be enterally grateful.


I call upon every fan of this show — Come on Sleepyheads, let's get our show back! Tell Fox what Sleepy Hollow means to you by putting your feelings into words in the comments when you sign ☾

I thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, who signs this petition. Every single signature means one more chance to redeem our beloved Sleepy Hollow. #BringBackSleepyHollow 

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