Ban Joe Buck From TV

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It's time to remove Joe Buck from calling sports games.  From his pompous, cocky attitude, to his stupid comments on-air, Joe is an embarrassment to himself and everyone he represents, mainly Fox.

Ever since his famous whining when Randy Moss "mooned" Lambeau, it's apparent he is unfit to continue his play-calling duties.  He tries so hard to emulate his old man, that his filth spewing out sounds like a cheap carbon copy of his father, who was a genius.  Joe rips off his dad's lines every so often to try to sound cool, but it comes out sounding weak and pathetic.

He has a huge crush on Aaron Rodgers and refuses to shut up about him.  He almost started crying during the World Series because Rodgers had been knocked out of football for awhile.  Go get a room with him already!  And why are you talking about Aaron Rodgers during the World Series?!  Joe has a clear bias for Green Bay and Dallas and Seattle, which shows when he gushes over Rodgers and Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott and Russell Wilson, to the point of having to wipe drool off the corners of his mouth in between plays.

Joe has no neutrality and no respect for any opponents to Dallas or Green Bay or Seattle, as they are all beneath him. His condescending voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and it makes my ears hurt, nearly to the point of bleeding.

I've never met or heard of one person who enjoys listening to his arrogant drivel, not even fans of the teams he openly has love affairs with. Most people tell me they mute their TV in order to enjoy whichever game he's announcing.  That is sad, and so wrong; and when people can't even listen to sports because of who's talking, it ruins the experience.

Fox, please remove Joe Buck from any and all sporting events in which he must open his mouth. We cannot tolerate his smug and biased opinions, and over-the-top statements any longer.  He needs to be fired immediately, or at least demoted to Aaron Rodgers' jock cleaner.

Please sign and pass on!  Get this abhorrent and smug annoyance off of network television!



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