Alexi Lalas should not be allowed to commentate on the 2018 World Cup

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The American people do not need Alexi Lalas to commentate on the 2018 World Cup.

His arrogance during the last world cup was an embarassment to Americans in front of the entire world. He is one major reason Americans do not get respect on the world stage. 

His deamenor commentating the Europa League this year was offensive and a disgrace to game. 

The man was an average player on a below below average team and belives that he was one of this countries greats. The man is bitter because he played socccer in a time when it sport wasnt popular and he never was seen as a hero. Now he takes out his frustrations on live television and depresses all who watch. 

Lets all sign and stop Alexi Lalas from commentating next years world cup. #NoLalas2018