Protect Fowler: Bring Troy Morgan back to the police department!

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On March 14th 2018 the chief of police for Fowler Colorado Jake friedenberger fired one of the best police officers that the town of Fowler has seen in a long time. Jake fired Troy Morgan due to reasons that were never brought up to Troy until the day he was fired. This makes for bad procedures by the chief of police and should be questioned through the Town Council and the city manager Dan Hiatt. Troy Morgan does not live in Fowler at this moment but has given days and hours to protect the citizens in it. When Troy found out of his termination he immediately got in contact with his lawyers and is going to fight to get his job back and I'm hoping he will become the chief of police. He is the first officer to actually fight to come back and fight for this town. With your help we can make this happen. I for one feel safer when Troy is on duty because I know he is going to protect me or show up when I need him. There have been numerous occasions where I have needed Jake when he was on duty and he didn't bother to show up or even give me a courtesy phone call. What is going to happen if something happens without Troy being here and there is blood on the towns hands because they fired somebody who actually cared and did his job. If you feel that Troy is a great asset to this town please sign this petition. I personally would rather the town pay someone like Troy to be chief rather then waste it on a chief who seems to be too busy for this town. Help me in protecting this town by bringing back a cop who cares.