Fourth Ward says: Vote NO to Demolish the Harley Clarke Mansion

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Jill Moulds
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NOTE: This is for residents of the Fourth Ward only. Please see the update at the bottom of this page for links to other wards.

Vote NO to Demolish the Harley Clarke Mansion

Dear Alderman Wilson,

As Fourth Ward residents, we implore you to VOTE NO on the proposal for demolition of the Harley Clarke mansion at Lighthouse Beach.

It is prudent for the Council to VOTE NO rather than rush into an irreversible decision with unknown consequences.

Please DO NOT fast track the demolition plan, unvetted by any measure and only explained in one 90 second public comment.  In response to the restoration proposal, the city undertook a rigorous process, including an additional RFP, in the name of transparency and due diligence. A process with the same rigor and public input should be followed now.

Please say NO to allowing a small group of adjacent property owners to privately fund the demolition of a city and public asset. This sets an inappropriate precedent, and is not the Evanston that we aspire to be.

Please respect the overwhelming voice of the people. Evanstonians do not want this treasure demolished, as confirmed consistently over the last 3+ years, and in a City-sponsored survey which showed that an overwhelming 67% voted to save the building for public or non-profit uses while only 12% wanted demolition.  The recent process and now rushed advancement of a demolition vote appear to run counter to the City’s tenets of transparency and civic involvement, to public opinion and the City’s Preservation Ordinance.

It has been many, many decades since access in Evanston was for only the lucky few, or since privileged voices were the only ones heeded.  The people of Evanston deserve to be heard.

Please stand with your constituents and the people of Evanston and VOTE NO on demolition of the Harley Clarke mansion.


Your Fourth Ward Constituents