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This story is about a situation that could have happen to each and anyone of us. Jesus G. Hernandez was not out looking for any trouble or had the intention of committing any crime.

On April 20th 2014, Jesus and a friend were in the patio of a bar called Blutos in Harris County, Texas. As three individuals passed them by these individuals began harassing Jesus and his friend only to be chased away by the security guard on duty that night. Later as Jesus was leaving he observed the same three individuals harassing another patron, as Jesus drove by these individuals they began beating his car and him with baseball bats, resulting in windows being broken. Doctors report and testifies that Jesus suffered a concussion due to trauma to the back of his head from the baseball bat, a knot on top of his left eye and cuts to his arms from all the broken glass. As Jesus was placed in this situation, he as anyone in this situation would do, tried to get away backed up, moved forward, hit a few parked cars and ran into a fence, as a result Jesus ended up striking one of the assailants and resulted in his death.
Jesus was so confident that when all the facts came out and the video showed of what happened he would probably be charged with at the least manslaughter. This is why Jesus and his family did not hire a lawyer, not to mention the big expense was to much. Jesus was offered a deal for 25 years and declined it putting his trust in the Texas judicial system but this was a big mistake. Jesus was found guilty of murder and received 45 years for this.
Our whole family is in disbelief at this decision. Jesus G. Hernandez is a good man who has served his country and studied medicine. Never has he been in prison, Jesus is a loving father to five kids, a good brother, a loving son a great uncle and a wonderful friend, most of all Jesus was a productive member of society. Never did we believe something like this could happen but it has and we are devastated and now we are fighting for an appeal to go our way and to get this story our to as many people possible. All of our families hearts go out to the family of Terrill Swafford, the young man who lost his life that night but was not for the actions of his two friends and himself, this would have never happened.
If there is anyone out there who can help us, even if its legal advice it would be highly appreciated by all of my family. .God Bless Everyone and thank you for taking your time to read this story.

If anyone out there would like to correspond with Jesus please feel free to write him. All pen pals are welcomed.
Jesus Hernandez - 02044527
Garza East
4304 Highway 202
Beeville, TX 78102-8981

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