Show EpicGames/Fortnite Our Love For Gemini Bring Her Back!

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This Petition is Broken Down to Sections

Section1) Dislike for Astro Assassin; Bring Back Gemini

Section2) What, possibly, happened to Gemini

Section3) How To Bring Beloved Gemini Back! (Ultimately up to Epic)


Section 1: Dislike for Astro Assassin; Bring Back Gemini

On July 17 a skin was leaked that, to us, was unique unlike any other; special in its own way. That skin was named Gemini. She had an aura fans immediately picked up on, she felt like she could reach icon status, up there with Cuddle Team Leader. We were all so joyed to have this Sci-fi bunny as a playable skin in our games that most of us saved our V-bucks to buy her.

As of July 21st Epic had decided to take our loved Gemini and our hype and reshape it into something generic and unwanted! The Astro Assassin is a cop-out and dishonours the newfound love we have or had for GEMINI. We the fans are disappointed by this change, many stating in multiple videos featuring either Gemini/Astro Assassin have stated as such.


As you can plainly see in the comments section, nobody is pleased by this change Epic! This is a classic case of "NotMyGemini" but they still refuse to hear our please not only that but they never disclosed why they made the changes in the first place to something so LAZY and horrendous. It dares to take Gemini's place yet STILL has her items!? WHY? Those don't belong to her! Tell me, does Cyro Hops Backbling and Plasma Carrot Pickaxed belong to this Astro Assassin? Does she even look like a bunny at all to be able to have such cosmetics? NO, she doesn't the way she is now, even the name Astro Assassin has completely disowned the rights to have these cosmetics because not only do they not fit; but because they belong to GEMINI and they didn't even bother to foster in something else in. Yes, people, this is laziness and hurts the integrity and trust we had for this once great skin.

Before starting this petition I wanted to really make sure I was not alone in making this decision so I browsed almost all forms of media to find evidence that WE THE FORTNITE COMMUNITY SPEAK IN UNISON when we say BRING BACK OUR GEMINI, not Astro Assassin, Gemini genuine Gemini




So you see, I'm not the only one who feels this way nor am I selfishly doing this in order to get a skin I have been waiting for. No, I am simply the person who decided to take action instead of merely whining about it. This petition will help the Fortnite community get their NEW "Cuddle Team Leader" and her name is Gemini !


Section2: What, possibly, happened to Gemini?

Sadly, it is up for speculation. Fortnite/Epic Games have not yet disclosed any information as to why the changes have occurred. Leaving millions of fans confused, in the dark, lost, and frustrated. We want an explanation but there is a chance that Epic Games doesn't care and will do what they want, meaning, we will NEVER get the answer we desperately want...what happened to Gemini?

The talk of the internet (A.K.A) gossip states that Hi-Rez Studios may have allegedly threatened Epic Games with a lawsuit of Copyright Infringement due to the alleged "similarity" between the two characters Gemini (Fortnite) and Raeve Maeve a character from Paladins

This Post on r/Paladins gained the most traction when referring to the "similarities" between the two characters. Though I admit they do look similar AT FIRST GLACE, people have short attention spans and immediately jump to conclusions that they can't see the obvious difference between the two, if everyone paid attention you can actually see, that they look NOTHING alike.

Which I personally stated on my own twitter here!

All because something is blue, has an animal theme, and has a monitor for a face doesn't mean it's copying someone else's style or game character. This is false copyrighting. Nobody had the right to bash on neither Gemini nor Raeve Maeve because of certain aspects that made their design unique! But if I must point them out: Raeve Maeve is basically a cat, Gemini is basically a Rabbit. If anything Gemini is more original than Raeve Maeve in the aspect that she comes with another cosmetic set in which the fans dubbed "Grumpy Gemini" the red variant; possible reference to Grumpy Cat (RIP)!

If you must know Hi-Rez Studio has a history of claiming other videogame characters to be based off their work sending mobs of fans to hate on certain characters. Though it may not be their intention to do so, they do not control their fans and therefore have no power, action, or responsibility when it hurts the credibility of another videogame's beloved heroes and playable characters. Which is hypocritical of them considering they have their fair share of controversies!

Like back on February 28, 2018 when Hi-Rez CEO Stewart Chisam claimed that one of Overwatch's heroes resembled one of their Paladin heroes, and of course, got backlash for saying such things. They're no less innocent.


Section3: How To Bring Beloved Gemini Back!

Possibly the hardest step to do guys. Let's face it, this is Epic we're talking about. What more can we really do but get on our knees and bow, pleading for Gemini, BEGGING for Gemini?

I can't guarantee anything you know? I'm just one man and an admirer of Gemini like you, I have no real power. But with you all, together! We can at least achieve a small portion of recognition. Let our voices be heard loud "WE WANT GEMINI, EPIC"

All they need to do is change the Gemini design -"but they already did that"- you ask? Yes, in the laziest, backwards, uncaring way possible. Practically disrespecting both the character and those who love that character. I am enraged by that Astro Assassin, but we already covered this in (Section 1, Above).

As we speak, we're trying to get ahold of some of Epic's Employees to ask them some questions regarding Gemini and their opinions on the circumstances. We also have our own artists, fans of Gemini, coming together to discuss changes to her design, one the community may love and adore. There is also a GoFundMe being made to fund the cause to bring back Gemini

Ultimately, that GoFundMe campaign in the making is to commission artists to do concept art of a new and improve Gemini, so we can post it all over social media! It will be our banner, our rally. It won't be a protest but more like fans coming together to show Epic Games how much we truly admire Gemini and want her back! I may even start an official Gemini discord where supporters can come together and share ideas on how to make Gemini look better as a Revamp Gemini. Not all ideas will be implemented but in the end, we will make our choice in unison and through votes on specific styles.

If they won't add Gemini because of alleged copying or some bs we will make our own and SHOW EPIC the fruits of our labour like a kid who shows their drawing to their parents and maybe they'll take the design and add it into the game. We'll do the work for them if we have to!

If we get enough people to sign, join the discord, draw, @epic/Fortnite, and fund the cause surely Epic Games will listen to our plight, right?




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