Purchase old BattlePass Skins/Emotes etc. for more VBucks (Fortnite)

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KIn Fortnite you can buy different cosmetics (Different skins, backbling etc.) from the Itemshop or via the BattlePass.

They all have a different Rarity, but you don't get any Advantages through these.

If you buy the BattlePass you get different Skins/Emotes etc. which aren't available ever again after the Season has ended.

Personally, I started playing Fortnite not too long ago, so I don't have the old BattlePass rewards, which I think is really sad because I like some of them really much and would love to get them.

Some other Players told me, that they just weren't able to buy the BattlePass, and honestly it kinda feels like a Punishement that we can't buy them anymore. Some Player told me that it is my own Fault that I don't have the old Skins, because I could've started playing earlier. Also he said that it was difficult enough to own rare Skins etc. Which I understand, but you don't get any Advantages from it, so why does it matter? If I was an OG Player I would be happy for the new Players that they can get the old Rewards. 

If we would be able to buy the Rewards afterwards, Fortnite would make more Profit.Also, if they see many players using the  same Skins then they will know that we really like them, which is a good thing. This would mean that they did a great Job with designing the Rewards.

With this Petition we hope that Fortnite will add a Feature where you can buy the old BattlePass rewards from the Itemshop, but for more Vbucks (or maybe some other compensation?). I know for a fact that many Players would love this, and I don't see why Fortnite wouldn't add something like this. They will only profit from it. 

Of course they could also say that we should've started playing sooner, but I don't know why the new Players should get 'punished' like that. 

I really hope we'll get a Feature like this in the Future and look forward to it!

Please help us realize this wish with your Signature.

Stay safe and have a nice Day.