BRING BACK South East Asia (SEA) Server For Fortnite By Epic Games

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South East Asia is a very competitive country when it comes to E-Sports and gaming. We participate in many titles and in some titles even gained world cup wins.

Fortnite is growing rapidly and we would love to join in as we have some really skilled and devoted players. The sad and unfortunate part is we cannot practice and compete optimally due to the latency and ping being so high.

with the removal of the SEA server on 8-8-2019 we experienced an increase in ping 110-160, with that ping we could not play optimally because of high ping

we players from the SEA Server have difficulty playing because of high ping,we from SEA experienced difficulties in a game that could be considered unfair, because of the difference in ping if we played on the Asian server, where there are players from Japan for example with a small ping. of course our game is far behind when viewed from the existing ping. please return the SEA server as before.
please listen to our message, we want towith that we kindly request to bring back sea server again.

This petition is to make Epic Games pay attention to calls from the developing Southeast Asian community that needs a South East Asia server. thank you