Bring Back Double Pump (Fortnite)

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Double Pump: 

One skill that all the Pro and Even a few Noob players share the ability to switch pumps in quit succession and most of the time hit a head shot.

Double Pump required skill that quite a few players trained and learned to do lots of people throughout season four just became good at Double Pumping and you guys reach in and take it which effectively makes the Pump irrelevant the switch delay completely sucks. 

All the OGs remember back in the day when double pump was the most over powered thing you could do to get kills you guys "debuffed" the double pump a little up roar occurred but people adapted and they where able to get good with the small little debuff you guys did.

People will remember you guys once called Double Pump not a glitch and was intentional then you keep debuffing it and now made it so the pump will never get used because of this stupid delay. 

You got streamers like Daequan who have become Gods at Double Pumping what will they do? Quit the game? Is that what you guys want? 

You guys need to QUIT catering to the Noob/New Players and start thinking of the original players who helped shape this game to what it has become and whom you owe your popularity to. 

If you keep this up all the OGs and Good/Hard core players will leave and you will be known as the Game who ended up killing itself because it catered to the New Players and didn't give a crap about the OGs and people who actually got good at the game.

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