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Maid Marian House tenants' complaints

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This petition aims to address the common issues experienced by the tenants of Maid Marian House - these are listed below:

Our requirements and proposed compensation for the below:

1) Immediate alternative provisions for the hot water (hotel rooms until its fixed etc)

2) Monetary compensation (in form of rent refund/discount) for each week within which we have been affected by hot water issue

3) All the issues to be fixed

If these are not fixed then we have no choice but to take further action in whichever way we deem necessary


Urgent issues 

- Hot water issue (no hot water for over a week - advised by maintenance that it might take 2 more weeks until this is fixed; the capacity of boiler is insufficient for the whole building)
- Heating issues (the capacity of the heater is insufficient - the rooms are not heated up to the temperature commonly regarded as room temperature)
- The bin problem ( not enough bins; homeless person living in the bin storage room)


- Main door lock is broken (unlocked - anyone has the access to building)
- The CCTV not working (We were told that all corridor cameras are monitored)


Other facilities

-Washing machines - insufficient number of machines provided (only 2 for the 6 floor building)


Other issues

- Safety hazards caused by leaks on the 5th and 6th floor (Ceiling tile fell off on the 5th floor)

- Fire safety - fire blankets are not provided to each room

- When we moved in we were told any faults would be fixed if we logged them online. They have not fixed the majority of them

- Windows leave drafts and are often left open in communal areas

- Some residents don't have keys for their post box

- Can't usually get hold of staff out of hours even though they said someone will be available if needed for emergencies

- Staff often lie and say issues are being, will be or have been resolved but are often not AND they are often not present at reception during the hours they say they will be


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