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#forthegamers: Darksiders 2 server re-open for PS3/Xbox360/PC or making a patch.

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Many ps3 and xbox 360 users love to collect trophys and achievements. But sometimes they are trophys/achievements they can't collect ( like server shutdown or bugged ) The trophy/achievement called Pay it Forward have the requierement to gifting a item to a friend but with not working servers they can't achieved that trophy/Achievement. With this petition i want to reach the new company they own the darksiders IP to re-open the servers for the ps3 and xbox360 version of that game. It can be only for 1 Month and that will be the last change for getting the Trophy/Achievement or making a patch for that game to use the Serpent Tome Offline and unlock the Trophy/Achievement. I hope i can reach the peoples from the company and will be very thankful.

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