Unsafe & reliable fortbend services causing major delays in medical staff workflow.

Unsafe & reliable fortbend services causing major delays in medical staff workflow.

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Fortbend legislator and commissioners

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Started by Dr​.​M Z

Dear commissioners,

We have been having major long term issues with Fortbend commute bus service for the routes to the medical center;

After many failed attempts to communicate with them with no good results , we collaboratively thought to reach out to our respected county representatives to look in this matter seriously and take appropriate measures.


Lack of communications between the service and those who utilize this service  even through the webpage announcements

no shows, with no notification service to track, notify us of what is happening or if there will be a second bus.

They using outdated service of paper tickets where you it gets mailed in 1-2 weeks , few instances it doesn’t - to get mailed Back, you need to wait for 3-4 wks.

The buses are old- I, regardless of that, what needs to be emphasized is the safety of Passengers, as these buses are under ventilated often, which at this time  is crucial to maintain proper ventilation to avoid transition of disease.

The people who utilize this service includes, students, doctors, nurses, administrators and all kinds of important jobs/ students who try to just reach their work on time. There is more pressing with the medical staff whose arrival on time is time sensitive  for patient care. There are different reasons why we would like to utilize this service, other than that it reduce the stress overburden the city may endure from traffic if all decided to use their perosnal cars .

We are at the end of 2021, this can’t be happening in this time or in the USA.


Many of us have reached out to the adminstration, with not much happening over the last 2 years, it just gets worse.


The bus drivers are diligent, and doing their best, but they can only do so much.

Kindly look into this matter. 




Best regards,

Fortbend residents.

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!