FORTBEND COUNTY, STAFFORD and HOUSTON, TX: Do not lock Shawana-LaTrice: Powell up for police officer Rios brutality

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This is important because officer Rios is trying to lock me up for an assualt against him, but he brutalized me!!! He tried to break my arm and he had my butt exposed to the customers; he also pulled me by my braids and slammed my face into the wall at Razoos Restraurant in Stafford, TX on July 28, 2012. A waitress went and told him I guess some lies (I do not know what), they were probably dating! The waitress came by the table once and stated, lower your voice, in this very loud restraurant, and that was it; so if it was about that, this is insane! This was my first time at Razzos and I do not know neither of them. After he attacked me, I blanked out and used some profanity language towards him when reality sunk in that he had brutalized me, but in a defense mode because I was in hand cuffs when he assualted me. After that, he picked me up off the ground and body slammed me on the concrete, and I was unconcious for a minute or so. He caused me a black eye, busted ear drum, skin tare on my left shoulder and tares on my right foot. The ambulance arrived, but did not see about me and did not take me to the hospital nor did the manager at one time do his job. He did not care about what happened to me as a customer and customers should be shown respect at all times. Never did he try to see my side or ask what was the problem at my table, but a woman officer ended up taking me to jail instead. Some guards mentioned that I was not even fit for jail. They left me for dead in FORTBEND COUNTY, so I had to bond out because they did not care. They just looked at me as money and not flesh and blood! My head was pounding with pain, I though I was about to die because of the impacted. I was giving a citation for public intoxication, but did not drink any of thier alcohol, and to top it off, everyone in their that night who had drinks, were considered public intoxicated, especially if they drove home under the influence. The PI Code is bogus and demonized! He also stated that I resisted arrest, but not one time did I move while he had me pinned on the ground. "I" even, in the video stated that I was not resisting arrest while he was saying I was. He never mirandized nor took a breathalyzer test on me. I did not even know why I was under arrest! I guess it was my beauty and swagah that offended them... He used to much force againsted me as a woman and he was supposed to get a woman officer to arrest me, if he "illusioned" I did what "HE" said I did!

Let's end police brutality because some of these officers are abusing thier "something like power"! Their codes are unconstitutional and are codes and not natural laws. I am a National Scholar and currently working on my Master"s degree, do you really believe I will end my life this way? REALLY!!! NO! I have to many dreams and visions to accomplish, but sad to state it, I had to put my career on hold and drop my classes because of this brutality. I could not hear out of my left ear for a month. It healed on it's on. I was to scared to even stay at the hospital to hear the bad news, so prayed I and believed God for his healing and my prayer was answered!

Here is a message from the ACTIVIST "We the people demand to be free from all verbal and physical harassment, intimidation, illegal arbitrary stop and frisk, excessive use of force, false arrest, and abuse of authority by all law enforcement and peace officers We the people demand that all elected officials pass laws to protect all citizens from excessive use of force and abuse of authority. We the people demand that any officer involved in using force or shooting be suspended immediately without pay pending outcome of investigation. We the people demand that all law enforcement and peace officers use firearms with cameras and and lights mounted on all firearms,,These cameras and lights are the sole responsibilty of the individual officer the camera and lights are to be checked and maintained be individual officer three times a day. Any officer involved in a shooting, with a non working camera and or light will be found guilty of tghe shooting..We the people demand that all police vehicles, aircraft, horses, motorcycles and water vehicles be mounted with cameras. We the people demand that all police conduct their duties in front of cameras at all times..We the people demand that all cities,towns,counties and municipalities have a publicly elected all civilian reveiw board..We the people demand that this CCRB have full investigative, prosecutive and punitive power. We the people demand the right to take pictures, video, and audio recordings,,of any and all police activty...We demand that any officer found guilty, of tampering with a civilians audio or video device be sentenced for obstruction of justice..We the people demand that the blue wall of silence be dismantled...Any officer found guilty of covering up hiding and or not willingly coming forth with all information, knowledge and evidence of a crime or infraction by another officer ,be charged with the same crime. We the people demand that any officer found guilty of any crime or infraction be sentenced to a sentence four times that of an ordainary civilian..We the people demand that all of our demands be met immediately"....

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