Save the Fort Langley outdoor pool!

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My name is Nora and I am 12 years old and live in Fort Langley.  We have been told our outdoor community pool is not going to be maintained and will be replaced with a splash park.  I think splash parks are great for little kids, but with the pool gone there is no where for older kids to go. There is nothing else in Fort Langley for us older kids to do with the pool gone. I have done some research and it seems that this decision was made by the Mayor and council in a private closed meeting.  We don't think it is a fair process to make choices like this for our small town in a private meeting without the public having a chance to be involved.  It is not right, but its not too late to do the right thing and save our pool! We think we need both a splash park and a pool and am asking for council to reconsider this decision.  We want to save our pool so it can reopen this summer and further ask council to come up with a plan for the proposed splash park as well as a bigger better pool that is better maintained to give kids of all ages somewhere to go.  Please join us and save the Fort Langley pool!