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After Vanessa Guillen’s “mysterious” disappearance, it has become apparent to me and many others that Fort Hood has been involved in many “mysterious” cases over the years. 


I’m putting in the work to see who I need to contact, and what needs to be done in order to bring this to fruition.


One step at a time, but once the clearly corrupt military base can no longer operate, investigate every disappearance. Reopen closed cases, find connections and make arrests. Start holding people accountable. Ask the questions that need to be asked. 

The truth needs to be revealed so that justice can be served, and I have a feeling once the truth is revealed, it will open doors that lead to other revelations. 

There have been rumors of sex trafficking/pedophile rings running, in which quite a few big names have been dropped, some of which are role models from Hollywood and even some government officials. There have been a few arrests made, and there is enough evidence to support that there is at least some truth in this, and as time passes, more and more evidence surfaces. 

Recently in Milwaukee, civilians discovered a house that is believed to be linked to sex trafficking, with what the locals would describe as police involvement. (Speculation so far, however check it out and decide for yourself)

My thought is that Fort Hood has some involvement in these sex trafficking rings, and even if they don’t there have been enough disappearances that I believe it’s worthy of an investigation. 

This is the first step, and in my experience it takes a little while to collect enough signatures to get someone’s attention. Besides this, it’s also much easier to get the support of an official(s) when there’s something to show (like a petition with enough signatures to move forward). 

Thank you all for your support in advance and let’s get to the bottom of all of this. Let’s change the world in a positive way and bring justice to those who deserve it, starting with Vanessa and Fort Hood.