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Keep Cindy Armstrong!

Cindy Armstrong has been the head of the band program at Fort Gratiot Middle School for over eighteen years. Under Cindy's instruction, hundreds of students have played their first notes on a musical instrument, and have grown to be parts of larger musical experiences in later in life. Cindy was not always the easiest teacher, but held all students accountable for their own practicing while setting high, but achievable, expectations. The fair and equal treatment of all students with goals set for all laid the groundwork for growth in all academic situations in the future. Cindy invested her time and effort outside of classroom hours to make sure that students had the possibility to grow to the capacity that they were willing to push themselves to. Due to the choices of a select few in power, Cindy is now being transferred from her longtime position. Losing Cindy Armstrong is a devastating blow to music education for the community. Please spread the word of this terrible loss, and aid in showing Fort Gratiot Middle School and the Port Huron Area School District the error in the choice that they have made.

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