Make Computer Science 3/4 Have AP Weightage

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At Clements High School, after students take Computer Science 2 AP, they have an option of taking AP Principles of Computer Science, Computer Science 3, and then Computer Science 4. Computer Science 3 and 4 both have AP CS2 as a prerequisite and are significantly more technical in terms of the material covered. However, in Fort Bend ISD, Computer Science 2 is an AP class but Computer Science 3 and 4 are only considered honors classes when it comes to GPA calculation.  This is an issue, because other beyond-AP classes are given AP weightage, such as Multivariable Calculus and Organic Chemistry. Because Computer Science 3 and 4 are honors classes and not AP, many students are electing to take AP Principles of Computer Science after taking AP Computer Science 2 in order to bolster their GPA, rather than moving to Computer Science 3 and 4. We want students to not be punished for taking classes that are beyond-AP and thus, we want Fort Bend ISD to make Computer Science 3 and 4 have AP weightage, starting with the class of 2019.