Opposition to the proposed short term rental in Princeton Square

Opposition to the proposed short term rental in Princeton Square

February 6, 2022
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Tim Dineen Forsyth County Zoning Commissions
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Started by Joe Hutto

The Princeton Square HOA has been made aware that our neighbor (not part of the HOA) at 5090 New Chapel Hill Way is requesting that Forsyth County rezone their property to allow for short-term rentals with up to 18 guests as well as seeking approval for a 50-space parking area to be present on property

The Princeton Square HOA Board adamantly opposes this request for a plethora of reason, inclusive of increased neighborhood traffic and the proposed non-residential nature of the property and all that this entails. We want to note that our official stance in opposition is directly related to protecting our community standards as residential in nature. We fully respect all homeowners’ rights but feel as though this request would have significant and sustained negative impacts on our community and surrounding area. This is not an issue relegated to Princeton Square but a community-wide issue in which effects would be felt far beyond the scope of the Princeton Square community. While we, as an HOA, will make every formal effort to oppose this request, we simply cannot do this alone. We need your individual voices to help us collectively oppose this request.


Email your commissioner, Laura Semanson (losemanson@forsythco.com) and the zoning commission listed below with your concern and opposition to the proposed rezoning. Tim Dineen is our representative and Chair of the Forsyth County Zoning Commission. These are our  decision-makers and the more information they have the better decisions they can make on behalf of our community.
a. Kerry Hill- District 1- Kmhill@forsythco.com
b. Stacy Guy- District 2- Slguy@forsythco.com
c. Jessica Thorsen- District 3- Jlthorsen@forsythco.com
d. Nedal Shawkat- District 4- Nshawkat@forsythco.com
e. Tim Dineen- District 5- Tdineen@forsythco.com

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Signatures: 376Next Goal: 500
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Decision Makers

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