Bring Back Polyvore

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On April 5, 2018, the website formerly known as Polyvore made an announcement with no prior warning and no heads up to it's hundreds of thousands of users: it was effectively being shut down.

Polyvore, which was a site known for it's digital board function, was home to countless groups, users, and accounts which didn't just use it for fashion (though that was the primary focus) but for writing, connecting with friends or likeminded people, and just expressing themselves in general.

Without even a word of warning, this website, community, and family was destroyed, sold out to the company SSense and adopting the name- loosing all groups, it's set making function, and basically morphing into a "luxury retailer" without consulting it's member base.

While the higher ups at Polyvore may be excited for this change, the hundreds of thousands of users who are left with no way to reconnect with friends and recover their stories and know helpless to the whims of a corporation, and have effectively been shut out of a website they had once used for almost a decade.

The goal of this petition is simple - Bring Back Polyvore. Bring back the creative outlet for thousands. Bring back the website that connected people across the globe. Bring back the platform for creativity, individuality, and self expression. Bring. Back. Polyvore.