Essendon Football Club - Time For Change?

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As the AFL's equal most successful club (16 premierships) and a club over 120 years old, it is a extremely concerning to see the current lack of fight, passion and resolve at all levels at our once great club. The time has come to acknowledge 15 years of mediocrity, identify the clubs failings and subsequently make necessary changes. The review needs to start at the top with our Board, CEO, recruiting staff, coaches, players and all at EFC. The club has been far more concerned with trying to appease the AFL and making money than it has been trying to win premierships. 

It is also time to bring in people (notably coaches) who will bleed for the club, will NOT accept defeat and will accept nothing less than a premiership. In 1981 Kevin Sheedy came to Essendon and changed the culture for 30 years. That culture is all but gone and it will take the likes of Tim Watson, Dean Solomon, James Hird, Matthew Lloyd, Dean Wallis, Damien Hardwick (if necessary) and others who have bled for this club to bring back the on-field and off-field respect of the competition. To see the shameful display in the second half of the season was the final straw. 

We demand a full external review that will identify what (if any) changes need to be made, with those changes implemented as soon as possible.