Make Freedom Force Open Source: #freefreedomforce

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Benton Grey
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Hello, I am Benton Grey, a member of the Freedom Force gaming community.

Over a decade and a half ago, way back in 2002, Irrational Games created an underappreciated game called Freedom Force that was, simply put, the greatest superhero game of all time.  One of its great strengths was that it was very flexible and moddable, allowing fans to create their own characters and tell their own stories.  In 2005 they put out a sequel, which gave fans even more power to create and modify the game.  Now, thirteen years later, the games are still loved, played, and created for by a community of dedicated fans who have steadily improved and expanded them throughout that time. 

However, we have taken the games about as far as we can with the restrictions we face in the game in its current form. We would love to be able to continue improving and evolving the game for years to come, but to do that, we need access to the source code.  This petition is a call for the creators of these excellent games to release their code to the community and enable their fans to keep their creation alive and thriving into the future.

We are reaching out to Ken Levine and any and all members of the former Irrational Games for this purpose. 

Considering that the game seems to be, to our great and lasting regret, well and truly dead as a supported, developed game, we hoped that the folks formerly from Irrational might be willing to give their fans the means to keep it alive in its second life, as its release on GOG and Steam has helped our community survive and helped an entirely new generation of gamers discover these great games. Having the ability to further improve at least the second game, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, would be a dream come true for us and give us invaluable options, helping us keep the community going and the game alive.

We would love to be able to do things like improve the physics (adding knockback from thrown objects) and bring back the FF1 active defense system.  Perhaps we might even be able to restore FF1's energy system or add in support for flying melee powers.  With access to the code, we could do a great deal that we can only dream about now. 

If you love these games and would like to see them continue to survive and indeed thrive, please sign this petition to show your support and to show the folks from Irrational that their games still have fans!

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