No FEE for online semester

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We being the students of FCCU demand they we shouldn't be charged for this online  semester or at least this could be done that we pay half of the semester fee that also when we return to the university. Given the current circumstances we are limited only to our homes, mentally stressed, worried for our family, confused about online studies and amid all of this we get a message from FCCU that we should pay our fee ONLINE. FC should be standing with us making announcements as mentioned above but the reality is opposite.

Please fear the wrath of God and take steps for the sake of students and humanity. People are going jobless, there's food insecurity and considering the students of FCCU from remote areas they don't even know about these online classes or have access to Internet to take these classes.

Here's what I found on official site of FCCU :

How are our fees used?

Staff and faculty salaries, scholarships, operating expenses such as utilities, repairs, office supplies, furniture and equipment and events. It also covers student related expenses such as the Mercy Health Center, the College Counseling Center and other student life and student services departments.

It's only the salaries you'll have to pay this semester. So please take these steps and take a part to make life easy for the students rather than making it difficult.