FC College Should Change Outdated Dress Code Rules

FC College Should Change Outdated Dress Code Rules

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Forman Christian College University, Lahore and

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Started by FC Student

The first week of November, 2021 marked the first week of classes for Forman Christian College University situated in Lahore.

During the first week, the administration has gotten more strict on some of the rules and regulations. There is a clause in the Forman Christian College University handbook that urges the students to wear clothes that are 'modest' and a 'dignified' manner. A female student was fined Rs. 5000 for wearing clothes that the administrative body deemed "undignified".

The members of this petition think that such a clause is outdated. Rather than being helpful, such a clause creates a hostile environment for students, creating incidents of anxiety. An educational institution should provide safe spaces to cultivate students' education. 

There are two main actions that Forman Christian College University should take:

  1. We urge the Forman Christian College University administration to revoke the clause altogether from the students' handbook. As Forman Christian College University students, we are stakeholders of the clause and directly affected by it. By virtue of that, we students believe we should have a say in this clause.
  2. The student who was fined should have her fine repealed asap.

We are hopeful that the administrative body of Forman Christian College University will be cooperative with the student body, and will see eye to eye on how these dress code laws are outdated and detrimental in creating a safe environment for learning.

203 have signed. Let’s get to 500!