The resurgence/reformation of the rules, running and regulating of Rysaria.

The resurgence/reformation of the rules, running and regulating of Rysaria.

August 2, 2020
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Forged in Iron Admins
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rysaria Rulez

There is a general loss of confidence within the Forged in Iron community towards the current main administration team. Due to recent events within the server, those who actively back this petition agree that changes, both big and small, are needed for the server to continue to be successful.

- Actual enforcement of the rules and equal enforcement of rules. And increased checking to ensure rules are not actively being broken.

-Some settlements rules have not been followed and should be properly enforced, and said enforcement has to be done equally and fairly to everyone in a timely and professional manner.

- The admins need to be more active and proactive in the interest of the server as a whole, not soley their character/characters. (we understand admins want to have fun with their characters too, but we believe it should be balanced to allow for personal enjoyment and balance between other players)

- Lack of clear, mutual communication between other admins, and admins to the playerbase.

- Lack of a "neutral" admin, as well as the lack of diverse admin representation and checks and balances between the four admins.

- Ignoring/lack of acknowledgement towards questions, suggestions, assistance etc. from admins in general. (We understand that we have many questions, but some form of acknowledgement would be appreciated)

- There are a lot of deaths that should not be happening at the very start of the server. Forged in Iron is supposed to be a harsh RP but the amount of characters dying approved or done by the admins is detrimental to the server. Although it is understandable that deaths could occur with the early conflicts and hostilities going on, killing off new players, or entire factions simply because of association, is considered overkill and not enjoyable for players in general.

- Issues with when metagaming is not consistently enforced with some players using citing knowledge learned out of game, but claiming to know in game using baseless, circumstantial evidence, being seen as a cop out to metagaming without being punished for it.

- Inconsistencies in character app accepting standards as well as lack of feedback to many applications that have been posted, many which taking several days to even get a response, let alone an accept.

- Because of some of these issues, Forged in Iron has lost several players and it will continue to lose players if the general administration climate doesn't amend these listed issues, and possible further issues not currently stated. Everybody loves Forged in Iron, but the discontent among many players over how things are being handled, or the complete lack of handling of certain aspects of the server has created an unavoidable lack of confidence that we wish to bring to admin attention.

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Signatures: 13Next Goal: 25
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