Namibian banks must release our forex money

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Hi I'm one of a upcoming known forex traders who has pulled some cash in foreign exchange financial market,,this was on the 12 of September when I ended my trading when I withdrew 10k USD at first then I came again to withdraw 388k Zar in one of the well-known Ava trade forex broker and they ensure me with all their proof that my money reflected as usual in my bank but since that day  my bank was frozen but them in the bank Standard bank of Namibia am talking here,, this has been getting on my nerves as I invested my money in foreign exchange hoping I'll get my money but in endbtheu ended up freezing my account and till today they said they will call me and I must stay home until they call me,,I mean I also work bit ever since that day I haven't kissed any fruits of my pay anymore because my money will just report there but I won't touch it

My point is here that the Namibian banks must get together and discuss this issue because I heard one of my friends also that are having bank Windhoek they are also experiencing this issue,,the fact is that we want our money they must release our money,,other countries are encouraging nations to engage themselves in foreign exchange but them are saying its illegal this must end