Forever Youth, please run a Prom this year.

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Jesse sat in his office chair, hearing the sad, revolting, horrible news of no Forever Prom, as he held his Black suit in his left arm, and in his right arm began wiping tears from his face. Jesse then picked up his Red patterned tie and started to wipe his tears from it, Jesse Prior won't be able to participate in his first Forever Prom this year.

Greetings, Reader. Please make children and teenagers such as Jesse Prior happy by voting for this petition, the Forever Youth Senate had decided against this life-changing event, and to this day we don't understand these motives.

We have had insider information that the Forever Youth officials decided to replace this event with some form of 'party', wearing casual boring party clothes and other nonsense. One problem with this is that teenagers that will be attending are often at house parties on a weekly or monthly basis, it will be nothing interesting for them, however, a Prom could be life-changing. Friends in the Christian organization, Forever Youth could go over to other friends house, socialize with fellow Christianators and prepare themselves for the night of their life, however, this anticipation is gone and replaced with a simple party.

Forever Youth Prom is an event where Christian teenagers around Victoria, find their fresh-spanking suits and dresses, to wear to this beautiful event. There was a Prom at the previous year, which was an absolute delight, you could hear the screaming joy of young children, the officials even had a red carpet just to make these lovely children's day. Please, vote.

#GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm #GiveUsOurProm 

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