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Morality dictates that legislation be put in place to end the suffering in sweatshops

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The fashion industry is a 3.1 trillion dollar business and the retail corporations are not supporting the millions of sweatshop workers by guaranteeing employees basic human rights and safe working conditions. 

A human rights legislation needs to be implemented to protect sweatshop workers globally to effectively end this insufferable indigence that is spearheaded by nike, forever 21, H&M, La Senza, Victoria Secret etc. 

All basic human rights are violated for those working in sweatshops.  They work in inhumane conditions, endure constant physical abuse, earn less than one dollar a day leaving the employees homeless, abused and often times workers will suffer from illness' due to chemical fumes that are dispersed from garment factors.  

The fashion industry is the second largest cause of pollution on earth after the oil industry. Pesticides and toxins are contaminating the villages’ water and soil which is resulting to many disease outbreaks. The mass amount of deaths this industry has seen is off the charts; due to the environmental impacts and structural disasters. 

Global capitalism and classicism differences between major corporations and factory workers is the major issue. Western society has their priorities flipped. The environment is declining but people continue to abuse fashion items as disposables which is absurd and unnecessary.  

Lets unite and make a moral change to save lives! 
This petition is for:

1. A human rights legislation put in place to protect sweatshop workers globally.  

2.  Garment workers are entitled to clean water, minimum wages, protection from abuse, and most of all safe, clean working conditions. 

3. The 1,127 workers killed in the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh who should be alive today if the Plaza was built to correct building codes.

The building standards of these factories are not acceptable in any developed country therefore these citizens deserve equitable treatment and their basic human rights to be met.

Please sign this petition to bring about effective change by implementing a Human Rights Legislation to save lives!

Thank you 

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