Deforestation Issues In Jamaica

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Deforestation Issues in Jamaica


Jamaica has an issue with deforestation (the removal of trees). Developers, Farmers and Lumberjacks constantly remove our precious trees to make accessible space for Commercial buildings, Housings, coal kiln, farming plot for crops and livestock and to produce boards for furniture making. The cutting down of trees causes erosion to our land, it also creates a depletion in habitats for our endemic animals. Deforestation is also responsible for the lack of rainfall occurring in recent years, this causes drought upon our land that leads to the shortage of agriculture produce causing us to pay an exorbitant amount for said produce.

            The Government should implement national laws that require each house owner to have at least one tree planted in their yard, these laws should also state that for every tree that is removed for lumber a tree should be replanted to replace that tree in the years to come. Regulations should be implemented for developers to pay a deforestation fee to the Forestry Department; this fee is to assist the department with reforestation in a given area. The Government should remain strict and apply penalties of a fine to persons that are responsible for deforestation. There is no future without trees; we rely on them for shelter, rainfall, blockers to noise pollution, providing home for us and our animals, air quality and for food. The government should improve on the reforestation efforts now.