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We have lost, but there is hope for the future


From the bottom of my heart I want to thank every one of you for your support. It has been incredibly touching to have had such an overwhelming response and response from the community. We have tried many attempts and offered various solutions in an attempt to hold off destructive works until we have had a meeting. I am sad to say however that our attempt has failed, the Forestry Commission have refused this and will be removing the trails very soon - within the week in all probability. 

Reasons they cite are as follows:

  • safety and liability reasons
  • The trails were built against their wishes in an area they will not tolerate as it conflicts with their management plans. 

Though the liability issues could have be addressed immediately and the management plan discussed in time upon meeting, also implied is that it would set a precedent that will have implications for them further down the road, which is an understandable position as a nationwide land manager looking at the broader picture, however strongly we disagree with the view. 

Though these trails will be removed, the F.C. are open to discussion in the near future and to developing a positive relationship with the riders and builders of Wharncliffe. Wharncliffe has been a home to mountain biking for many years, and despite this setback it will most definitely continue to be. We are optimistic and will be working towards the future so keep an eye on progress as it comes.

Right now though, get out to the woods and enjoy them before they are gone!

Thank you again.


James Pettitt / P

Photo: Tom Grice

James Pettitt
2 years ago