Speed limit enforcement for Lords Hill/Coalway Road, Coleford

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Coalway Road and the upper part of Lords Hill in Coleford, Gloucestershire is adjacent to Edenwall Farm and Bells Hotel and Country Club and is lined with housing, a care home, a primary school, a local shop and (soon to be two) a community park area. Many of the residents are families with children and many of these have pets, whilst wildlife is commonly seen on the farm and golf course over the road.

Despite being a 30mph speed limit the road is neither quiet nor safe for many due to the number of drivers and riders using the length of fairly straight road as a speedway of sorts. Just last night my neighbours witnessed what looked to be a young male biker crest the hill by Bells on only his rear wheel and continue up the road at speeds estimated to be around twice the speed limit; unfortunately this is not a rare occurrence- I hear drivers passing my home far above 30mph almost every day and night. My own pet was hit just over a year ago and subsequently went missing, then required veterinary attention and close monitoring and care for a week after being found.

With a primary school and one children's play park already in existence on this road it is already an unacceptable risk to break the speed limit as far as many do, and with the Bells Field Project currently underway it may only be a matter of time before a child is hit and perhaps even killed.

Therefore, I ask you to sign and join me in urging the council to instate some form of speed restriction measures, be it in the form of a speed-sensitive pedestrian crossing (similar to junction light installations at the top of Lydney and in Huntley, whereby the lights change to red if an approaching driver is moving too quickly), a pair of trap cameras or as simple as speed bumps.