Keep our High School Head Football coach, Coach Ferraro, in Forest Lake

Keep our High School Head Football coach, Coach Ferraro, in Forest Lake

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Yesterday 12/8/21, we learned our Forest Lake High School Head Football Coach was told his contract would not be renewed, saddening many students and players that he was a role model, encourager, mentor, and instructor to. The story of why he was being let go has not come to light leaving players confused and disappointed. Coaches, players and their families deserve an explanation!

Coach Sam Ferraro inspired kids to keeping fighting for what they believed in, put forth their best efforts and put the work in to get results both in the classroom and on the field. Sometimes fighting for what you believe in means petitioning for change to those with the power. One person may not be able to make a difference alone but there is power in numbers! Please sign this petition to keep our head football coach!

The goal here is to prove to Forest Lake District Administrators- those with the power not to renew our coaches contract- the WRONG decision was made! We want Coach Ferraro to continue in this leadership role! He believed in our players and our players believed in him! KEEP OUR COACH!

Personally, I was looking forward to working with Coach Ferraro my entire 4 year high school experience! Please help me make that happen!


A Forest Lake Freshman High Schooler and his family

Below is the email coach shared with us...

Good morning players and coaches,

It is with great sadness that I am writing this email. Yesterday afternoon at 3:00 PM I was asked to resign as your head coach. Because of the love of the program, the school, the town and most of all, all of you, I could not resign. Therefore I was told that my contract as the head football coach would not be renewed.

I am no longer the head football coach at Forest Lake but I will always be there for all of you. If you ever need anything, feel free to contact me.

I love you all and will cherish the time I had with you. It was a privilege to serve you as a coach. It was a dream come true.

Thank you.

Coach Ferraro

14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!