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Work together to create a pedestrian friendly 2nd Town Center (in Eastbridge) to include a natural foods market and authentic retail/restaurant amenities as well as community gathering space.

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We the residents of Stapleton are invested in our urban community and strongly desire more amenities that encourage us to shop locally and financially support this great community we live in.  We share a strong voice and desire for another town center in Stapleton that increases our access to a natural grocer as well as some great restaurants, coffee shops and other unique amenities.


                 *Our community desperately needs another grocer. We recognize that King Soopers has the first-right-of-refusal, and is in discussions with FC about moving into Eastbridge.  Many of us want convenience and to shop locally. We strongly desire a different model from the existing King Soopers on Quebec.  A King Soopers Fresh Fare Market would better match our community needs, and would draw more volume in shoppers that desire natural products and a market that promotes the neighborhood community. Because Eastbridge Town Center is at the nexus of 3,000 walkable residents and the University of Colorado Campus (w/ 30,000+ people on any given day), we feel a more unique store could increase customer base, versus creating duplicate models of the same shopping experience.


                 *As a community, we DO NOT want a gas station as part of a town center in the midst of 3,000 walkable residences and a nature preserve. This does not promote the walkable and bikable community that drew many of us to Stapleton. As the thru streets are opening, we now have greater access to other gas stations nearby (e.g. 70 and Havanna; Central Park and Montview; Dayton and Montview) with perhaps a future station on a busier intersection (such as when MLK and Peoria connect).  Although in the recent past our community has been in desperate need of another gas station, we feel this need is lessening given increased street access. To put a gas station in the middle of residential areas, a nature preserve and a soon-to-be school degrades our community and the ability to attract pedestrian-friendly amenities to this town center. Here is one article that sites gas station fumes can be detected 100 yards away.



                *We recognize that the Stapleton MCA (whom we all pay monthly dues to) owns one of the through streets in the current proposed Eastbridge Town Center. This allows for wonderful community opportunities (once the Town Center is built) for small events, street festivals, etc.  We believe the MCA does a great job in building community and we DO NOT support a  proposal for the MCA to sell or give this street away IF this were to combine the parcels of the Town Center to allow for a larger grocery store/ parking lot and gas station. 



                *The anchor of a town center greatly impacts other types of businesses that are attracted to this town center.  To have a town center that consists of a large grocery store and gas station does not foster unique restaurants or coffee shops which our neighborhood continues to express a strong desire for (See most recent SUN survey;  additional data being collected currently).  We recognize that small businesses (local coffee shop, small stores, etc.) in the past have failed in our community; however, now that the south side of Stapleton has 14,000 residents and growing, with increased through traffic to the Anschutz medical campus, we are a different population than we were a few years ago and are craving some more unique amenities.



*We believe that Forest City, King Soopers, the Stapleton MCA, and we the community, can work together to combine stakeholder interest and develop a town center for our community that promotes profitability, healthy lifestyles, urban community, local authentic amenities, and a stronger community.



                *Lack of desired and diverse amenities leads many of us away from shopping locally. This limits tax dollars (TIF spending) that would further promote building/ development of schools, parks and roads.  Commercial real estate in Stapleton has reportedly not been strongly successful, and thus when residents aren't spending locally, there are major shortages in TIF funds for completion of proposed trails and parks within Stapleton. Moreover, TIF dollars support building and additions for schools to this great community. To have “more of the same” (with potentially another traditional King Soopers and gas station & and a second town center that draws chain retailers and/or more generic amenities), continues to take TIF revenue out of Stapleton.  Forest City and King Soopers have an opportunity to create a more unique model of a “neighborhood grocer” that could further attract more desirable amenities geared toward our community. (See SUN Survey data for "desired amenities")



              We are excited about the prospect of Eastbridge’s Town Center coming to fruition. We feel this can develop business that can make our community stronger.  Through many community meetings, surveys, outreach to Forest City, and more, we the community, continue to be willing to gather market data, recruit businesses, and further work with Forest City to increase the success of commercial endeavors. We are invested in this neighborhood and believe that the more diverse and desired the amenities, the more our neighborhood can live up to its full potential.






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