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New Zealand's marine ecosystems are currently being affected by the fishing industry as it is responsible for thousands of deaths of marine animals. This is causing the endangerment of several species: especially sea lions and penguins. 

This can be solved by being aware of what is going on. Changing the method of how the fishing industry catches its fish is one of the best options. This is because the nets the industry used, harm seals and penguins - they get caught in the nets and are thrown back into the ocean dead or injured where their chances of survival are extremely low and will most likely die. Fishermen do not want to catch penguins and seals as that is not their job and their aim. So why should these innocent animals die for nothing?

Only 5% of the industry is monitored with cameras and according to Forest and Bird, the New Zealand Fishing Industry had enough nets to cover the entire coastlines and only 5% of these nets were checked by fishery officers in 2017. The death toll of these animals is only rising every day, pushing them further and further to extinction. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, the best solution to this issue is to create a fishing method that catered to the type of fish fishermen want to catch. This starts by investing in improved fishing gear that is specialised to the type of fish they want to catch which means reducing the species that are not wanted to be caught. New fishing technology has been developed for non-target animals are caught to escape, reducing the amount of injury and death of penguins and sea lions.

By investing in materials and research, training fishermen to develop sustainable methods to reduce bycatch, and effective data collection programmes to monitor the amount of bycatch fishing have. The Zero bycatch goals can be reached. By signing this petition, you are helping to implement change for the protection of Penguins and Sea lions. Seabirds are currently protected and these animals need protection as well!

Every signature proves that there is someone out there who cares about these animals! It furthermore proves a point this problem needs to be resolved. We need to give attention to the New Zealand Commercial Fishing Industry, Minister of conservation Eugenie Sage to help implement this change on a legal level making it permanent. Therefore protecting and preserving our endangered sea animals and ecosystems.