In 2013 I started a petition after six British ex-soldiers, including my fiance Billy, were wrongly arrested and imprisoned by Indian authorities while working to protect ships from pirate attacks.

It breaks my heart to say that two years on they are still in India and the British Government has done almost nothing to get our boys back. That's why I'm asking you to support my petition to bring these men home for Christmas.

Billy used to serve in the Parachute Regiment, he was working hard to make money for his family after leaving the army. The Indian Government say their boat was in Indian waters and had illegal firearms onboard. But Advanfort, the US company they were working for, insists they had the correct paperwork for the equipment.

Since this started our boys have been held in an Indian jail, released on bail, had the charges against them squashed and had the case against them opened again. They're now facing another trial. The Government has their passports and papers -- they still can’t come home.

We're now over 760 days since this began, for all of us it feels like a nightmare that just won’t end.

I visited Billy in India and earlier this year, when it looked like this would finally all be over, we had a son together. Our son is 9 months old now and Billy still isn’t home. I can’t bare to celebrate our baby boy’s first Christmas without his dad.

The British Government is their only hope. These boys are ex-soldiers who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. They devoted their lives to their country and now they need our countries help.

Please sign my petition calling on the UK Government to step up and help us to bring these boys home to their families before Christmas.


Letter to
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
Help Bring the 6 British Ex-Soldiers home for Christmas

6 British Ex-Soldiers have been held in India since the 18th of October 2013.

They have risked their lives serving our country, and need the British Governments help to be returned home to their families for Christmas

These men have devoted their lives to protecting others, working in the Indian Ocean on Anti-Piracy operations. The men were resting on board the support vessel in-between transits from client vessels to which they protect from Pirate attacks.

They have had their Freedom and Human rights taken away from them, this is an injustice and the British Government must step in to have the men brought home for Christmas

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