Separate the queue of work visa from job seeker visa in the embassy of Germany in Tehran, Iran

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There are a lot of talents in Iran who their skills are demanded by German companies. So they get job offers from Iran without using the job seeker program.

People who already have a job offer from a German company and they want to apply for a job visa or blue card but they officially have to wait in the queue for the embassy appointment for at least one year. And then the company and employee have to email and follow up several times and so hard to get a sooner appointment. All the issue comes from the point that there are thousands of people applying for a job seeker visa in Iran and both groups have to get an appointment for the same type of visa (Work Visa). 

The issue can be solved easily by separating appointment process and queues to job seekers (who has applied for job seeker and can wait until the appointment date.) who are the majority and working visa (for people who already have a job offer and on other hands they are minority) who need to get the visa asap as the companies cannot wait for the visa process too long.

For now, the solution is to do so many follow up with the embassy and foreign minister by both employee and employer but it can simply be solved by separating the queues.

If attaching the contract or job offer be mandatory, it will ensure only eligible people will apply for Work Visa.