Australian Government to condemn the killing and wounding of innocent people in Gaza.

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We call upon the Australian Government and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to condemn the illegal killing, wounding and ethic brutality inflicted on the citizens of the Palestinian State of Gaza in the recent demonstrations called the "Return to Land March"......marking 70 years of the expulsion from their homes and land. 

The reason for this petition is not so much that the Australian government will speak out against the atrocities that have taken place and that will continue in Gaza. The way our government treats Asylum Seekers in this country, gives me little hope that the government will listen. Instead this gives YOU the opportunity to tell our government, the Israeli government and other humanitarian Governments of the world that we stand beside those who suffer injustice and whose dignity as a human being has been stripped and denied of their human rights by aggressors.

I am dedicating this petition to a child shot in the head and killed by an Israeli sniper recently, when standing up for his family, his friends, his culture and his life. The shooting was filmed by a mobile phone from a person standing near him. This can be seen on the Facebook group site….”Charles de Foucauld Community … Australia.”

Beyond politics, beyond governments, he represents to me the suffering and the death of thousands of innocent people struggling to stay alive and those who are left to mourn.

Not only are the people of Gaza targeted by the Israeli government, but also by the feuding between the governing body of Gaza, Hamas, who ousted the Palestinian Authority (PA), the governing body of the Palestinian Territories (PT). The PA endorses the blockade, wanting to punish Gaza's people and Hamas.

Measures taken by the PA and Hamas excacerbate the humanitarian crises in Gaza. Both parties arrest activists and journalists who criticize their leaders, security forces or policies. Both parties mistreat and torture those in their custody.

The gap between the Palestinian people and their leadership is nothing less than catastrophic. It has been well documented and audited that the PA is an elite highly corrupt government, and yet Australia continues to send foreign aide to the Palestinian people through this body. What accountability did Mr Turnbull ask to see, when he visited the West Bank or when speaking to PA officials?

There are 1.9 million living in Gaza. That means 4,505 people living per km of land. Very few are allowed in or to leave. The unemployment rate is the highest in the world. All industries have collapsed because of the Blockade. There is very limited electricity, water sources are dwindling fast, and what they have is contaminated and well below World Health standards. Tinned food is not allowed in, in case the tin is used to make weapons. “Luxury goods” are severely restricted, this includes toys, paper and crayons. The majority of people are registered as Refugees and come under International refugee laws as well as humanitarian laws, of which Australia is a signatory.  80% of people rely on aid, and tens of thousands are homeless because of continued Israeli bombardment.

Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, is very vocal before various United Nations Bodies, when praising Australia’s role in delivering Human Rights.

“the world is facing many challenges on the Human Rights front and that’s why we believe it is more important than ever for Principled voices to be raised and heard”. (18 May 2017)

The United Nations Security Council, several other countries and humanitarian organisations have condemned the killings and wounding of Palestinians in the recent clashes at the Israeli/Gaza border.

Their has been NO condemnation from our government.

International cries for Gaza fall on Israeli deaf ears. The decade long blockade of Gaza under the guise of security against Islamic militant groups and terrorist activities from Hamas, the political leaders of Gaza at this time, is very real, but the international concern is to the extremes that are inflicted upon innocent victims from a regime that takes this opportunity to punish and destroy.

The aid group Medecines Sans Frontiers said its medical team is seeing people “with devasting injuries” of an unusual severity, which are extremely difficult to treat. The injuries sustained will leave most with long term physical disabilities.

The isolation from the rest of the world, including separating it from the West Bank (many Palestinian families have been isolated from each other), is part of a long-standing policy. Despite repeated humanitarian calls to lift the blockade, many now see Israeli policies to amount to the apartheid of the Palestinian people and de facto expropriation of the lands, and the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem.

The UN reports that Gaza has a continued trajectory of “de-development”. Given the current trend Gaza would become unliveable by 2020.

“We are seeing a tremendous accelerated breakdown of society. What does ‘Humanity mean’……the ability to see the other, his/her pain. Gaza is hell”

Instead of loosening the blockade, Israel is tightening its grip. NGO’s (International Humanitarian aid agencies) are having stringent restrictions on workers from entering Gaza. The Israeli PM is criticising the UNRWA, and effectively wants it disbanded. With Trump freezing its aid budget the Israeli Prime Minister may get his wish.

Australia condemned the UN vote to end Israeli expansion (West Bank) and was praised by the Israeli PM for standing up to the UN “hypocrisy”’

Malcolm Turnbull in his recent visit to Israel meet with a Palestinian government representative. The meeting has been quoted as warm and friendly, Palestine thanking Australia the Australian government for its aid. However the Palestinians were disappointed that Mr Turnbull only devoted one hour to visit the West Bank. Mr Turnbull did not appear to know much about the restrictions under Israli military occupation. Asked if Mr Turnbull believed settlements undermined the two-state solution (which our government supports) Mr Turnbull declined to answer.

When asked if Australia would recognize the "State Of Palestine", again Mr Turnbull ignored the question.

Malcolm Turnbull speaking at a ceremony at Sydney’s Central Synagogue said that Australia stands with Israel.

This statement could have been influenced by the fact that Australia has a two-way goods and service trade (2015-16) Amounted to $1.3 billion. This include Live animal exports to Israel (from2000), machinery parts and the importation of armaments, such as used by the Federal Police.

Australia is also looking to strengthen its security bonds with Israel.

If that little boy had been my earthly son……could I too have become an Israeli “terrorist”. Please honour his unknown name, by your own.