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#AcknowledgeTheEpidemic 1,000 Strong for Kentucky. #GillesCan4ForeCastle2018

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My Name is Giles Scialdone. I am calling for 1,000 strong across the Country to unite to sign this petition for Myself, and a collection of artists within the GrinHouse collaborative to Acknowledge The Opioid Epidemic within the state of Kentucky at 2018 ForeCastle Festival.  The festival continues to draw young people into Louisville and the future can be guided into a safer more self-reflective environment that encourages seeking help. People feel trapped, without options. The majority of people that have passed away are much like you and I. Their families to this day keep faith and stay strong. Mainstream music and political unrest continue to divide. A coalition of companies and nonprofits will put their efforts forward to convey the #AcknowledgeTheEpidemic in a one hour set. The GrinHouse has always been a place to be able to feel okay about wherever you are in life. It allows people the ability to raise their bottom line. Together we can have an impact that is positive and lasting within the community and surrounding cities. We can help set Forecastle/Louisville apart as a whole for showing our reguard to moderation and appreciation. I invite every family, spouse, or friend of somebody who has been lost to addiction to email information about them to and it will be incorporated into the show. We are petitioning to be able to represent the Underground of Louisville for the greater good of the Commonwealth. ForeCastle is a local festival, and so, should have local artists represent the city in a positive light.

examples of submissions -

Names, Significant memories, Special talents and So on.....

The Following is information based on public Government documents - 

From 2012 - 2016

Heroine,fentanyl, opana, other dependency-building opioid 

5,822 Overdosed within the State of Kentucky. 

(These deaths represent overdoses by illicit and/or prescription drugs that were inflicted intentionally or

Jefferson County 2012 - 192 Deaths

Jefferson County 2013 - 192 Deaths

Jefferson County 2014 - 204 Deaths

Jefferson County 2015 - 255 Deaths

Jefferson County 2016 - 364 Deaths

Jefferson County 2012 - 2016 -- 1,207 Deaths Alone......

5,822 Overdosed within the State of Kentucky.

The numbers are rising... Your help is needed!!!

We need to make people aware that they have support and the city isn't only about being selfish. This is the home of the Greatest Of All Time. Ali. Together they can knock us down, but we will get back up to fight!!

#GillesCan4ForeCastle2018 #AcknowledgeTheEpidemic

Twitter : @TheGrinHouse 

The people struggling need more options and nothing will ever change unless we stand up for what is right. The underground community of Louisville, along with 1,000 faithful brave people stand for change, and ask The ForeCastle Festival to allow GrinHouse on the 2018 Lineup. Love and Belief. That’s what we share.


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